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deviceSIM in brief

About deviceSIM

deviceSIM is a prepaid subscription powered by Elisa, a Finnish market leader in telecommunications and digital services. deviceSIM has been designed to be used in trail and security cameras that require Internet connection to be able to send photos, video and live video from the camera to the customer. The subscription is meant to be used in such devices and it provides the needed Internet connection for the device it is used in.

  • deviceSIM subscription is valid for 24 months from the last package recharge.
  • All packages are activated when the payment is made.
  • If the subscription has an active package, an email is sent to the address provided before the end of the validity, asking you to purchase a new package.
  • With deviceSIM subscription you cannot make phone calls.
  • deviceSIM packages do not include usage in Iceland.

N.B.! Orders are not refundable. Please make sure that the deviceSIM number and the email address are correct!

It is not possible to get the PUK code for a deviceSIM subscription via Elisa’s customer service. If your device requests a PUK code and you no longer have access to the card frame, the deviceSIM subscription can no longer be used.

deviceSIM subscriptions cannot be registered in one’s own name or to one's personal identity number, and the number cannot be transferred to another operator.

The APN address in deviceSIM subscriptions is internet. Check your device settings in case the internet connection or MMS messages are not working on your device.

If you are using MMS messages please note that the destination number set to your device, must be in international form for example +46xxxxxxx.

You will get notifications to your email regarding the status of your subscription.

You can see the status of your deviceSIM subscription after the first purchase in The site uses cookies so the next time you don’t need to enter your phone number separately.

About deviceSIM Shop

In deviceSIM Shop, you can top up your subscription with deviceSIM -packages with payment cards (Visa and MasterCard).

N.B.! Orders are not refundable. Please make sure that the deviceSIM number and the email address are correct!

Payment options

The deviceSIM Shop does not process the customer's account or card details in any way, but instead payment intermediaries (banks and Nets) are responsible for carrying out the payment. The deviceSIM Shop and payment intermediaries do not pass on the personal details of the customer to each other.

Paying by card

Paying by card is done securely on the SSL-protected payment form of Nets. Our company does not have access to card details and the details of the payment card are not saved in our system. In our online store, the international Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode authentication services are used, with which the identity of the card holder is verified.

In this service, you can make package purchases with a payment card linked to the Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode authentication service. Packages can also be bought with an unauthenticated payment card under certain country-specific limitations.

Data security description

All data traffic between the deviceSIM Shop, customer and payment intermediaries is protected with SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer). SSL encryption is a well-known, reliable, and widely used encryption method, with which the absolute confidentiality of data traffic between the parties is ensured.

Data protection and data collection

Elisa shall collect the customer's email address and according to the customer's choice deviceSIM name. Elisa handles them in connection with ordered deviceSiM package. Elisa can send receipts, reminders and communications regarding the usage of deviceSIM. Additionally, Elisa follows its Data proctection principles.

Elisa uses cookies and other similar methods. Use of the deviceSIM Shop requires permitting cookies. The cookies are used to realize the sessions and to monitor visitors.

deviceSIM Shop


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